The website, which uses Furtive CSS, shows projects, apps or other crap that my friends do.

List of all projects.

Check them out if you want.

Project name Made by First version Latest version Development status Avability Notes
OS Mockup Kit Glosswired 0.1 1.1 Stopped/Cancelled OS Mockup Kit - WebsiteNot developed anymore.
Oldcord 1.0 11pixels 1.0 1.0 Completly scrapped N/A his personal part of ui (the guy who edited this and hosts this shit) 1.0.july07.2018 1.0.1.latesep-28.09.18 Actively developed. N/A The old page will be for older browsers. 2.0 ui 2.0-2018.08 2.0-2018.09.30 Project reseted, Actively Developed N/a Using Furtive CSS. It has ">" on top of table, which i can't remove it.
Oldcord 2.0 11pixels 2.0 Private Beta 1 (2.1 in works) Regurally developed his personal part of Complete re-write, fixing many problems, finally stable and usable.