Project Name Made by Started First Version Latest Version On Development Avability Notes Website
The OS Mockup Kit Glosswired 2017 0.1 1.2 No Through
Oldcord 11pixels 2017 1.0 1.0 Abandoned None Broken and unusable N/A
Easy OS Mockup Maker ui (host) 2017 N/A N/A No/Scrapped None - hasn't left out of concept board. N/A ui (host) 2018 1.0.july.07.2018 1.0.2.latedec-27.12.2018 Yes You're here. Last update. Here.
Oldcord 2.0 11pixels 2018 2.0 Private Beta 1 (2.1 in works) Yes Currently in Private Beta Given to trusted friends.

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